Turnkey Extraction & Distillation Solutions

BioXtra aims to deliver professional turn-key solutions with cutting edge equipment at affordable pricing that are adoptable to any scales of cannabis processing business, including Repeated Solvent Extraction system, Closed Loop BHO Extraction system, Wiped Film Molecular Distillation, Short Path Distillation, Delta 8 Separation system and more…

 FOR R&D/Hobby Growers

   Capacity: Approximately 180 lbs Biomass Per 10-hour Shift


   Capacity: Approximately 360 lbs Biomass Per 10-hour Shift


   Capacity: Approximately 600 lbs Biomass Per 10-hour Shift


   Capacity: More than 1000 lbs Biomass Per 10-hour Shift

Closed-Loop Hydrocarbon Extraction System

We offer the BHO Turnkey Extraction System to meet different customer’s needs in making shatter, budder, rosin, wax, oils, and tinctures etc.


Butane hash oil, also known as BHO, is a form of concentrated marijuana with super-potent THC levels (THC concentration of up to 90%). It’s made via a process called “BHO extraction.” It’s used to create topical treatments, juices for vaping, edibles, badder, wax, crumble, sauce, shatter, and more.

BHO Extraction

Butane hash oil extraction (BHO extraction), is a popular method of extracting the valuable compounds from the cannabis plant to essentially create a cannabis concentrate. The process involves butane, a highly explosive gas. As it passes through the biomass, the butane solvent separates the plant’s active cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc) and terpenes. In the system, the solvent is evaporated, leaving behind a relatively solvent-free cannabis extract.

Bioxtra's BXH Series BHO EXTRACTOR

Compact Size, Maximum Output

Suitable for Butane/Propane Solvents

ASME Certified & NB Register Vessels

BXH-15 Cannabis Extractor
• With two 15L ASME certified & NB Register Extraction Vessels
• Up to 12 lb per hour processing*

BXH-25 Cannabis Extractor
• With two 25L ASME certified & NB Register Extraction Vessels
• Up to 20 lb per hour processing*

BXH-50 Cannabis Extractor
• With two 50L ASME certified & NB Register Extraction Vessels
• Up to 40 lb per hour processing*

BXH-100 Cannabis Extractor
• With two 100L ASME certified & NB Register Extraction Vessels
• Up to 80 lb per hour processing*

*Actual amount of material per run and recovery times on any BXH extraction system varies depending on composition, cut and moisture of input material, humidity and environmental factors, processing temperatures and operator experience.

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