Model: SZBX-ZL300B

This innovative equipment seamlessly integrates the features of a conventional tumbler and a dehumidification unit found in the market, presenting a cutting-edge intelligent drying cage. The machine boasts versatile functions, including dehumidification, polishing, and drying, all effortlessly managed through a user-friendly touch screen and PLC intelligent time setting for precise temperature and humidity control.

The equipment ensures automated feeding control based on time, seamlessly transitioning to the next section once the preset feeding time is achieved. Comprising two sections per unit, multiple units can be interconnected to establish a streamlined production line. Upon reaching the final section, the capsules are gently released, having undergone a 10-16 hour drying process within the cage. Each unit features independent PLC control, while the entire production line is orchestrated through the coordination of the touch screen or PC.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Moisture Control:

    The final product boasts a significant 40% glue content by weight, with post-drying moisture levels typically falling within the 8%-10% range of national standards. Exceptional glues may even achieve a low 6% moisture content.

  • Time Efficiency and Versatility:

    Achieving drying within 30 hours, our product allows for same-day manufacturing and next-day packaging. The moisture content decreases from around 30% to the prescribed 8%-10%. Options include an independent drying room with a dehumidifier or the intelligent drying tumbler, completing the process in just 16 hours.

  • Energy Conservation:

    Comprising three units with a total power of 30KW, this machine demonstrates outstanding energy efficiency, operating at an average power consumption rate of 60%-70%. The resulting electricity consumption is approximately 20 kWs, offering a remarkable 3-4 times reduction in power compared to traditional tumbler dryers.

  • Labor Reduction:

    With the SZBX-ZL300B intelligent softgel tumbler dryer, four labor positions can be saved over a 24-hour period (across 3 shifts). Unlike conventional methods requiring manual turning every half hour during the initial 5 hours, this dryer streamlines the process.

  • Space Optimization:

    The SZBX-ZL300 intelligent softgel tumbler dryer seamlessly integrates shaping and drying, requiring only a compact 6x11m floor space. This results in a substantial 50-100 m2 space saving compared to conventional drying methods.

Technical Data (per unit)

Model: SZBX-ZL300B
Technical Data
Regenerative sir electric heating
9 * 0.8kw =7.2kw; 3 * 0.8kw = 2.4kw
Solid state relay depend on the actual product need of 40%
Fan power
2 * 0.75kw = 1.5kw
transducer control
Dehumidifying plate design air-flux
1600 m3/h
Ventilating frequency 900times/h
Dehumidification water
Depend on the Dehumidification curve, drain to the drain
Power supply
3 phase 4 lines
Compressed air
Cooling water unit
Concentrated supply
Volume of cage
250,000 * 2 = 500,000
2.2kw multiply by numbers of unit
Regenerative wet and hot air
8#olive 400 m3/h
Ll2400mm * W1280mm * H1670mm
Drain out of workshop
Workshop environment
Ordinary state
Drying circularly inside the cage