BioXtra delivers cost effective, one-stop processing solutions for transformation of plants from biomass to extract and extract-in-fused products.


Professional Expert team and distribution center in Canada

BioXtra Labs is a extraction & distillation equipment and solutions supplier based in Canada, founded by a group of specialists with long operational history and rich hands-on processing experiences in botanical field. Our Canadian team is dedicated in Research, Development and Innovative Processing Technologies that integrate end to end process for high-quality oil from plant-based biomass. Our warehouse in Delta, British Columbia, Canada, will ship out the equipment in timely manner to our valuable clients from North America. Our goal is to provide excellent after-sales services and technical support to our customers.

Industry-leading manufacturer OF PROCESSING EQUIPMENT in PRC

Our manufacturing site in Shanghai, PRC, is specializing in Design, Development and Fabrication of Professional Wipe Film Molecular Distillation equipment. With over hundreds machine sales per year, we have earned a very good reputation for providing Cost Effective and High Quality equipment for both Laboratory and Industrial Scale Producers. In order to better serve the needs of our growing base, we are developing Softgel and Capsules machine which will be introduced in 2024.


Soft capsule preparation process and precautions

Soft capsule preparation process and precautions

Soft capsules refer to sealed capsule preparations formed by quantitatively encapsulating oily drugs, drug solutions or drug suspensions using a…